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Ways to Work Together

If you’re ready to stop feeling like you’re not doing enough at work or home and blaze a different path that feels more balanced, you need a roadmap. 


I’m a mom of 3 who left a “safe” job to design work around my life, not my life around work.   


I’m an expert at helping you clarify your own specific vision and bring it to life by breaking it down into simple, practical, and totally doable action steps.

For Individuals

Let's work together in a single or series of coaching calls to:

  • Tune up Your Time Management

    • Get 2 hours back each week for what you want to do

  • Expand Your Mindset to Serve You​

    • Drop the guilt & learn how to say no and delegate more

  • Manage All the Things ​

    • Create more calm in your life and home by designing repeatable routines and systems ​around mornings, evenings, laundry, meals, and more

  • Decide on Your Career Next Steps

    • Gain clarity on what's most important in your career next steps​

  • Take the Plunge into Independent Consulting

    • Launch your own line of work around your life and never miss an important personal event for work ever again​

    • Interested in a group coaching experience? Check out Solopreneurship Simplified - a 7 week group cohort coaching experience

Individual coaching investment starts at $375/hour

What clients are saying

I would recommend Danielle in a heartbeat. Over the course of a few sessions, her coaching propelled my career while also giving me time back in my day. Her guidance allowed me to think more strategically which resulted in the ability to influence within an organization, not think about work after hours and focus on the big picture. --Ashley Binford, Consultant

You are so LEGIT! This is just what I needed! -- New mom expecting baby #2

OMG thank you! This was huge for me. I literally had no system, so just being told one was great. For me, this was the biggest bang for the buck. Because I have a system and because there's never ever pile up, it's just awesome. What a gift!  -- Individual Coaching Client

Our coaching conversations stick with me. You helped me know I wasn't asking for too much! --Independent Education Consultant

Danielle is authentic, insightful and practices what she preaches! She has tons of great tools for setting up holistic systems to enable you to thrive across all aspects of your life - both personally and professionally. She asks insightful questions and is really good at pushing people to focus on the 1-2 core things they want to improve on. She is able to make complex challenges simple and teach you to apply those tools in your everyday life. She's also very encouraging, knowledgeable, action oriented and generally fun! I can't recommend her enough! You will not regret the investment and truly start to own and enjoy the way you choose to spend your time. -- Laura Owens, Independent Consultant 

For Organizations

While each organization is different, this year has shown us that how you show up and support your working parents matters for your business.

Together we'll work to create a customized plan to support working parents in your organization or on your team specifically.

As an HR expert and coach, I can:​

  • Audit the culture and supports for working parents in your organization

  • Train managers to better support working parents

  • Coach working parents - individually or in groups - as they navigate key transitions, like maternity leave, part-time work, or promotions to team leadership

  • Offer workshops on such topics as work-life balance, burnout, managing childcare during COVID, and time management strategies.​

  • Recommend new HR policies and practices that are more inclusive for working parents

What clients are saying

Your recommendations have been a hit with my fellow directors and me! I blocked my worktime for the next few weeks as ‘busy’ and am not allowing myself or anyone else to schedule over it.  -- Sara, Large Urban School District

Your leadership, guidance, suggestions and coaching over the last several months has made a world of a difference in my perspective, prioritization, and goals. Thank you for creating and building a place of trust.   -- Group coaching client  

Want to Learn More?

Set up a free 30 minute consultation below.

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