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About Me

I was sold the lie that caring for kids and creating a career you love is in constant conflict and requires a crap-ton of drudgery.


Maybe you were too?


Endless laundry. Meals on the run. Late night emails. Schlepping your kids here, there, and everywhere all while trying to score that next promotion at work.  


Basically, everywhere we turn, working parents hear: “Buck-up, Buttercup. Such is life as a working parent. It is what it is.” 


I call B.S. 


I call B.S. on the idea that you can't be both a great parent and engaged and effective in your career.


I call B.S. on the notion that you can’t have a little time for yourself without being buried under the Mt. Everest of laundry. 


I call B.S. ON. IT. ALL.


Because after watching beloved family and friends burn themselves out during their child-rearing years only to see their promised post-kid-raising nirvana disappear due to illness and worse, I’m on a mission to help working parents create a life they love NOW - to stress less, keep it all together, and create more time to fulfill their own dreams.

As a full-time working mom of 3, I know the struggle.  In a former life, after the birth of my first child, a colleague told me I’d never be taken seriously working flexible hours...  


And I listened (ugh).


So back to work I went full-time - 9-5.  And, for a while, I sprinted around that hamster wheel.  I worked harder, faster, more. Early to rise. Late to bed. Missing most meals with my son. I was living on someone else’s schedule and working for someone else’s dream. That life is exhausting – with its promises of elusive "someday" happiness. 


Don't be a freakin' martyr!

I’m here to tell you that there is a better way.


You can both:

  • Be a great parent AND employee/entrepreneur (without the guilt)

  • Find time for what you love AND fold that mountain of laundry

  • Calm the chaos that comes with kids (well, mostly) AND connect with them more deeply


How do I know it's possible? Because I've done it with... 

  • Three wildly different kids - one in high school and two in elementary school,

  • My own full-time business as a coach and consultant in the talent and education space, and 

  • An ambitious husband who shares my love for HGTV and convinced me to gut and rehab of our 100+ year old home outside of NYC. 


If I can do it, I promise you can too! I'm here to help.


Welcome to The Working Parent's Guide.




I’d love to hear what would help you in your day-to-day life as a working parent.  Drop me a line at


 Missing one child and only one kid looking.  But at least we have cotton candy as big as our heads!

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