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The Working Parent's Starter Guide to Back to School in an Uncertain Year!

Are you already exhausted and the school year hasn’t even started?


I used to feel the same way. 


There’s so much to prepare for a new school year - buying supplies, filling out all the forms, learning new schedules, getting back into a routine. 


And this year there’s added uncertainty - 

  • Where are your kids learning?

  • What will their schedule look like?  

  • How do you balance that with your own work?


Especially for working parents with two or more school-aged kids, the idea of planning for this school year can leave you waving the white flag.


That’s why I’m sharing the system that turned it all around for me.


Whether your kids are in school, learning at home, or using a hybrid approach, the Smart Start system guarantees you’ll:

  • Avoid logistical nightmares in your week

  • Be less stressed each morning and evening

  • Get more help from your family in making it all happen

  • Start the school year calmer and ready to handle whatever else 2020 throws at you 


In the Smart Start Back to School micro-course, you’ll get a 4 step plan that sets you up for success this year and includes: 

  • The best and most simple way to analyze your time

  • The #1 mindset shift you need

  • Customizable routines

  • Ideas for easy lunches (your kids can make!)

  • A worksheet to split chores

  • Checklist of to-dos

  • Printable First Day of School Signs


And you’ll learn everything you need in less than 2 hours because, as a full-time working mom myself, with 3 kids in 3 different schools, I know you don’t have time for lengthy lectures.


I use this system myself and I know it works!  


What are you waiting for? 

For only $37, you'll get everything you need to start the school year off right.


Due to the downloadable content and low cost of this course, we do not offer refunds.

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